CH Mount Albion's Meadow FD

​Meadow was born on August 23, 2006.


Meadow is our sweetheart and it was with her that we were able to start this beautiful lineage of great dogs.  She is now enjoying retirement on the couch with the ones she loves.  Her last litter (the Dark Woodland litter) was born on June 9, 2013.  We could not ask for a better matriarch - her temperment and loving personality is seen in all her offspring....


Meadow has been tested and cleared for Eyes (CERF), Hips and Elbows (OVC), Cardiac, LD (lupoid dermatosis), CD (cone degeneration) and the Colour Mutation (MC1R and Dilute gene).

Her height is 21.5" and she currently weighs 50 lbs

Health Clearances:                           OFA No. 0041529 Hips & Elbows

                            Cardiac - Normal Cardiologist - ECHO


                        CD tested as CLEAR

                          LD tested as NORMAL

                            MC1R and Dilute Mutation Colour

                             has been tested as CLEAR

CH Mount Albion's Wild Woodruff FD



Noble was born on December 23, 2010.

Noble is a true reflection of both his mother and father in his personality and hunting style and ability.  There is no one that has met Noble that doesn't love him.

He is an excellent example of what we strive to breed for.

He completed his FD title at only 17 months of age in three out of four tests over two weeks. 

Noble has been tested for Hips (Good), Elbows (Normal), Patella (Normal), Thyroid (Normal), Eyes (CERF - Normal), Cardiac (Normal), LD (lupoid dermatosis), CD (cone degeneration) and Colour Mutation (MC1R and Dilute gene).   


Although he does not live with us, he comes to visit often.


His height is 24" and he currently weighs 55 lbs

Health Clearances:       CHIC No. 89324
                         MC1R and Dilute Mutation Colour

                          has been tested as CLEAR

Noble's father is
U.S.A VC/CH Crystal's Up Close 'N Personal CD, MH, RD, ROM